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Teacher-facilitation:effect on performance of Grade VI pupils in Pasacao district

Author: Galleno, Monica P.

This study determined the influence of teacher-facilitation on the performance of Grade VI pupils in Pasacao District School Year 2019-2020. It determined (1) the quality of teacher facilitation along intellectual, social and emotional aspects; (2) the level of pupils’ performance along academics and social adaptability; and (3) the significant relationship between teacher and facilitation and pupils’ performance. This study assumed that (1) the quality of teacher facilitation are manifested along intellectual, social and emotional aspects, and, (2) the pupils’ performance is manifested along academics and social adaptability. The hypothesis that there is a significant relationship relationship between teacher-facilitation and pupils; performance was tested. The descriptive-evaluative correlational method of research was employed. Data sources were 57 grade six teachers and 427 grade six pupils of Pasacao District. The tool used were questionnaire and periodical tests. The data were treated statistically using frequency count, percentage technique, proficiency level (PL), weighted mean, Standard Deviation and Pearson-product moment correlation coefficient.

The main findings of the study were: (1) the quality of teacher-facilitation along intellectual aspect got an overall weighted mean of 3.65; social aspect, the overall weighted mean was 3.6; and emotional aspect, was 3.71; (2) along academic performance, the pupils obtained a mean of 82.59 interpreted as satisfactory with an over-all standard deviation of 2.28, and along social adaptability, the overall weighted mean was 3.54 interpreted as highly extensive; and (3) there was no significant relationship between the quality of teacher-facilitation and the level of pupils performance which has an r = -0.0191 and p value = 0.1638. Major conclusion include: (1) The grade IV teachers in Pasacao District have sufficient knowledge, mastery and skills in delivering or executing the lessons to the learners, the teachers were actively demonstrating positive behaviors and attitudes when interacting with the learners in any classroom situations and teachers establishing care, love and understanding to each pupil in learning environment; (2) The Grade IV pupils’ performance along academics was fair or in same level of learnings in the four areas such as Filipino, English, Science and Mathematics and interpreted as satisfactory while they performed better in any given tasks and lessons in their classroom and pupils shown teamwork during their activity; and (3) the facilitating skills of Grade VI teachers in Pasacao District had no significant relationship on the grade VI performance along academics and social adaptability. In Pasacao District, there were teachers who are less active in attending trainings and seminars about the quality of teaching which is essential refresher on methodologies, skills and techniques in the teaching and learning process.


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