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Pupils Grammar proficiency and reading comprehension skills

Author: Soriano, Analyn

This study established the correlation between pupil’s grammar proficiency and reading comprehension skills. Specifically, the study determined the following: (1) pupil’s level of grammar proficiency along knowledge of parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, use of descriptive words, and preposition and discourse markers; (2) pupils’ reading comprehension in terms of noting details, sequencing ideas, arranging events in the story, predicting outcomes, answering wH questions and valuing literature; (3) significant relationship between the pupil’s grammar proficiency and reading comprehension; and (4) the extent grammar proficiency affect the pupils reading comprehension; and (5) the learning plan to addresses the issues covered in this investigation. This study was premised on the assumptions that pupils generally lack knowledge about grammar and experience difficulty in reading with comprehension; and pupils demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in grammar and reading comprehension. It was guided by the hypotheses that the level of pupils’ grammar proficiency is significantly related with their level of reading comprehension; and the level of pupils’ grammar proficiency significantly affect their level of reading comprehension. The design used in this study was descriptive-correlational. The respondents of this study were 325 grade six pupils in Ragay District, Division of Camarines Sur. The tool used in gathering the data was a teacher-made test. The data gathered were treated statistically using percentage technique, weighted mean, standard deviation, proficiency level, pearson Product Moment Correlation, and Coefficient of Determination.The findings of the study were: (1) the pupils’ overall level of proficiency in grammar was 51.64%; (2) their overall level of comprehension skills was indicated by Proficiency level of 51. 27%; (3) the overall r between grammar proficiency and comprehension skills was r=0.524 with a p value of 0.000; (4) the extent of effect of grammar proficiency on pupils’ reading comprehension skills was indicated by r² value of 0.2746, with a p value of 0.000; and (5) the comprehensive learning plan for English 6 was composed of lessons on specific grammar components and reading comprehension skills. It was concluded that: (1) the pupils’ overall grammar proficiency was very low; (2) the pupils performance in reading comprehension did not meet the expected proficiency level; (3) low grammar proficiency significantly influenced the pupils’ poor reading comprehension; and (4) the comprehensive learning plan in English 6 can be utilized as a supplementary instructional material to address the pupils’ low proficiency level in grammar and in reading comprehension.


M.T. Villanueva, Liboton, Naga City

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