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Multipurpose Enrollment System With Descriptive Analytics For Lupi National High School

Authors: Jennifer A. Danila & France Jane F. Pelaez

Multipurpose Enrollment System with Descriptive Analytics is an online admission system, that was developed to provide innovation to Lupi National High School, by automating the enrollment process and school management. With the help of this system, all the activities involved in the manual system could be generated into a system, with fewer manpower and time efficient process. Management of student’s data can be organized easily without too much paperwork and less burden.

Descriptive-evaluative and agile software development methodology was adopted for the development of the system. Those were the techniques used for collecting information through surveys, observation and interviews, and continuous improvement of a software application. Aside from these, students and faculty of Lupi National High School were selected as respondents of the study using the purposive sampling technique that was considered having the same characteristics of being a customer of the system.

The LNHS provides a manual process in student’s enrollment and it is done by filling out necessary forms, providing initial requirements, like grades and birth certificates and submission upon completion, through long lineups for several hours into the respective rooms and respective enrollment chairperson. Though there is no enrollment fee, other payments like PTA and examination fees, will be paid afterwards. Since some forms were not fully monitored, some challenges arise in dealing with student’s data. The manual system often leads to inaccurate evaluation of student’s data, loss of student’s records and slow enrollment process. Duplication of student’s information is also one of the common issues encountered by the system, that can lead to confusion and disorganization of the process. Due to these problems, the researchers proposed and developed a system containing features that accepts online registration, with information fields needed to accomplish by the users, and able to display information through visual presentations. With the results obtained from the software evaluation, the system is acceptable by the users in terms of functionality, security, reliability, usability and portability. In general, the system addressed the issues encountered, and provides an efficient online enrollment process.


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