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Image Processing-Based Attendance Management System Using Internet-Of-Things

Authors: Jerold P. Mirafuentes, Ma. Christina Pante, & Scott B. Villareal

The project was a contactless attendance-monitoring app that utilizes some Internet-ofThings (IoT) technologies. Use to manage the employees attendance of Naga College Foundation, Inc., specifically of the College of Computer Studies. It has the capability of [a.] capturing employee facial images for storing in the training datasets, [b.] performing facial detection and recognition, [c.] recording attendance on the server, and [d.] generating reports of attendances. It used the Arduino Platform and Web-Based Technology with a special feature of performing facial recognition for managing the attendances of employees of College of Computer Studies of the Naga College Foundation. Thus, limiting physical contact in interacting with the system.

Descriptive research and iterative model have been utilized in the development of the image processing-based attendance management system using Internet-of-Things. It also used a software evaluation-testing questionnaire, which was used during the conducted software testing. It has eleven (11) respondents coming from the College of Computer Studies.

Naga College Foundation, Inc. is currently implementing the biometrics fingerprint as a tool in getting the login and logout records of the teaching and non-teaching employees. In the new normal, only the teaching, and non- teaching, personnel of the Basic Education Department use the Biometric/Finger Track. For the College, professors submit their attendance through their respective deans. The current system has issues; Incomplete records of the logins and logouts of the employees and the file can be corrupted due to unintentional incidents like brownout among others.


M.T. Villanueva, Liboton, Naga City

472-7526 local 134