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Floor wax from banana (Musa paradisiaca) leaf extract: some household and instructional management implications

Author: Maricris M. Bernales

This study aimed to produce a new kind of floor wax using banana (Musa paradiasca leaf extract for cleaning bamboo, wood and concrete cement floors. The following concerns were looked into: (1) the chemical compositions of banana leaf; (2) the step-by-step procedure in making floor wax using banana leaf; (3) the different formulations to produce a floor wax using banana leaf extract; (4) the level of acceptability of the produced floor wax when applied to different types of floor in terms of (a) odor; (b) consistency; and (c) sheen; (5) the implications along household and instructional management that maybe drawn from newly discovered product in terms of: (a) Housekeeping Practices; (b) Curriculum Innovations; and (c) Environmental Management.The study was anchored on the following assumptions: (1) Banana leaf extract has the potential to be an ingredient in making floor wax. (2) Banana leaf extract contains substances needed in floor wax making. (3) There are processes involved in the preparation of floor wax using banana leaf extract. The study revealed that: (1) Fresh banana leaf contained 8.36-15.45% wax while dry leaf had 0.85-1.05% wax and banana stalk had 1.976-4.020% wax (2) There were three stages in the production of the floor wax. (3) Controlled formulation: pure banana leaf extract only; Experimental Floor wax: F1 (30 ml banana leaf extract and 20 ml xanthan gum); F3 (50 ml banana leaf extract and 10 ml xanthan gum), all had a fixed amount of kerosene and coconut oil. (4) For bamboo floor: (F3) obtained the highest weighted mean of 3.4 for odor, 3.2 for consistency and 3.4 for sheen; For wood floor: F2 got the highest weighted mean of 3.6 for odor, 3.2 for consistency and 3.2 for sheen; and For concrete cement floor: F2 attained the highest weighted mean of 3.0 for odor while F1 for consistency and sheen with 3.2 and 3.4 weighted mean respectively. (5) Floor wax from banana leaf extract is cheap, safe and practical; can be used as interdisciplinary approach for integrating lessons in Science and Research subjects and a way of reducing and eliminating was leading to environmental conservation. This study concluded that: (1) Banana leaf extract contained wax substance that help in cleaning and polishing different types of floors such as bamboo, wood and concrete cement. (2) In preparing the floor wax from banana leaf extract, there were certain steps followed in order to attain a good result. (3) and (4) Among the four floor wax formulations, Formulation 3 was best for all kinds of surfaces. (5) Floor wax product was economical and practical; children will be educated on making a cleaning material from an indigenoussource; thus, minimizing agricultural waste and residue.


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