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Efficacy and effectiveness of sugar-apple (annona squamosa) leaf extract with citronella (cymbopogon winterianus) oil as mosquito repellent lotion.

AUTHOR: Cabrera, Analyn S.

The study aimed to formulate and evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of the mosquito repellent lotion from Sugar-apple leaf extract with Citronella oil. The following concerns were looked into: (1) the chemical compositions of sugar apple leaf extract and citronella oil; (2) the stages in the preparation of mosquito repellent lotion; (3) the efficacy of the lotion from sugar apple leaf extract with citronella oil as a mosquito repellent in terms of: (a) odor, (b) feel, and (c) consistency, (4) the effectiveness of the three formulations of lotion from the sugar-apple with citronella oil in terms of longevity protection in repelling mosquitoes. This study was anchored on the following assumptions: (1) Sugar-apple leaf extract and citronella oil has mosquito repellent properties. (2) There are procedures involved in the preparation of sugar-apple leaf extract and citronella oil lotion as effective mosquito repellent. (3) There are different formulations of sugar-apple leaf extract and citronella oil lotion that can be tested for its efficacy and effectiveness as mosquito repellent. The study revealed that: (1) sugar-apple leaf extract contained 17.50%, Germacrene D, 12% β-elemene, 8.1% a and β-pinene, 8.7% Sabinene, 5.5% T-cadinol and 4.4% Tau-muurolol, white the Citronella oil contained 51.5% Citronellal, 15.0% Geraniol, 12.8% Citronellol, 4.7% Limonene and 2.5% Germacrene D; (2) There were three stages in the production of mosquito repellent lotion; (3) Formulation C obtained the highest weighted mean of 3.28 in terms of odor, feel and consistency; (4) Formulation A provided the longest protection time in repelling mosquitoes. The conclusions were as follows: (1) Sugar-apple leaf extract and citronella oil contained compounds that could provide sufficient protection time against mosquitoes. (2) Certain steps were followed to produce a good mosquito repellent lotion. Formulation C was most efficacious. (4) Formulation A was most effective in repelling mosquitoes.


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