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DepEd senior bookkeepers’ personal attributes, social skills and job efficiency

Author: Tarrobago, Salve Furio

The study determined how the personal attributes and social skills of DepEd Senior Bookkeepers affect their job efficiencies in the Division of Camarines Sur. To realize this end, the study was focused on the: (1) profile of Senior Bookkeepers of implementing units in the Division of Camarines Sur; (2) level of social skills of senior bookkeepers; (3) level of job efficiency of Senior Bookkeepers. The hypothesis of this study were: (1) Senior bookkeepers’ personal attributes and social skills are significantly associated/related with job efficiency (2) There are significant interrelationship among the bookkeepers’ social skills, personal attributes and job efficiency; and (3) There are significant differences among aspect of social skills and among levels of job efficiency. The descriptive-comparative-correlational methods were employed in this research. Descriptive method was employed to present the attributes, level of social skills and level of job efficiency. Correlational method was used to figure out the bookkeeper’s attributes, and social skills that are significantly associated to their job efficiency. It was also used to determine the interrelationships of bookkeepers’ attributes, social skills and job efficiency. Data were gathered from 93 respondents through a questionnaire and were treated statistically using Frequency and Percentage, Chi Square, Weighted Mean, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, Analysis of Variance, and Multiple Regression Analysis. The study revealed that (1) among the senior bookkeepers, 51.6% belonged to 31-40 age group; 80.6% were female; 71% were married; 90.3 had a bachelor’s degree; 45.2% were CSC professional passers; 80.6% attended seminars on technical skills; 54% had a 3-5 year of service in DepEd, 67.6% Had work experiences for more than ten years as bookkeepers before the employment in DepEd. (2) The bookkeepers’ level of social skill was indicated by a weighted average mean of 3.38; (3) The senor bookkeeper’s level of job efficiency was indicated by the weighted average of 3.47; (4) The association between personal attributes of the senior bookkeepers and job efficiency were in dedicated by the following: gender (x²=2.170, p=0141); age (x²=2.807, p=0.442); civil status (x²=3.699, p=0.157); professional attributes and job efficiency were indicated by the following: education (x²=0.969, p=0.325):; eligibility (x²=1.071, p=0.585); seminars attended (x²=0.149, p=0.700); seminars outside DepEd (x²=1.006, p=0.800); work experience with DepEd (x²=1.260, p=0.739); work experience with other institutions (x²=3.352, p=0.501); (5) extent of interrelationships along personal attributes (r=0.157; r²=0.025; p-value=0.524) and along professional attributes (r=0.184; r²=0.184; p-value=0.806). In terms of social skills along levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, stress management and time management in relation to job efficiency (r=0.660; r²=0.436; pvalue=0.000); if the combination of these three aspects self-management, stress management, self- onfidence (r-0.584; r²=0.341; p-value=.000); combination of stress management and time management (r=0.630; r²=0.400; p-value=0.000); (6) the difference among aspects of social skills was indicated by F=4.377 with p=0.037; (7) training program for stress and time management need to be crafted. It was concluded that (1) Majority of the respondents are middle-aged, female and married. They are qualified in their position as gleaned from their educational attainment, eligibility, work experiences and trainings; (2) The senior bookkeepers manifest outstanding social skills on self- wareness, self-confidence, stress management and time management; (3) The senior bookkeepers are highly efficient in performance of their job; (4) The relationship between bookkeepers’ personal attributes and job efficiency is not significant while the relationship between their social skills and job efficiency is significant; (5) The bookkeepers’ personal attributes taken together do not contribute significantly do not contribute significantly to job efficiency while their social skills taken together have significant correlation with their job efficiency; (6) The bookkeepers’ social skills differ significantly among aspects; their level of job efficiency differed significantly among aspects; and (7) An intervention program designed focused on creativity and innovation.


M.T. Villanueva, Liboton, Naga City

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