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Career Opportunities For Marketing Graduates Of Naga College Foundation, Inc. In Naga City

Authors: Anthony S. Bollosa, Rhea O. Abog, Ma.Ella G. Bayot, Jericho Jon E. Tuy and Jassim James B. Robles

This study explored the career opportunities preferred by marketing management graduates of Naga College Foundation, Inc. in Naga City, the current job of the respondents, the significant difference between the preferred work and present jobs of marketing management graduates s/y 2017 to 2022 of Naga College Foundation, Inc. and the recommendation for career opportunities could be provided to the students of Business Administration major in Marketing Management.

The number of jobless Filipinos in July year eased to its lowest since the onset of the Pandemic, but the quality of jobs in the country deteriorated as underemployment climbed during the month. Based on the Philippine Statistic Authority’s (PSA) preliminary labor force survey results, there were an estimated 2.6 million jobless individuals in July this year of 2022, fewer compared with the 2.99 million unemployment Filipinos recorded in the previous month. The July jobs figure was also lower compared with 3.23 million in the same month last year of 2021.

To attain the objective of this study, the researcher used a quantitative comparative correlational research design. The comparative research design used in this study by comparing the variables involved, determining the frequency with which it occurs, and categorizing the information. Specifically, it used to compare the attributes associated with and identified career opportunities for marketing graduates of the respondents of this study.

The comparative design applied in this study by examining the relationships, or associations between and among variables, and these variables are the identified career opportunities for marketing graduates. The researcher investigated if factors have a significant relationship among the preferred work and current job of the respondents. The researcher chose a comparative – correlational research design wherein the researcher compares the variables in the study and involves a systematic way of investigating the nature of relationships between and among variables.

The research method used in this study was quantitative comparative- correlational research design. Data were provided by Marketing Graduates of Naga Collage Foundation, Inc. school year 2017-2022 through a Google Form survey questionnaire Data collected were collated and were treated statistically through the percentage technique, Weighted Mean, and test calculator The quantified data were placed in tabular forms to facilitate analysis and discussion.

Naga College Foundation, Inc. Marketing Management students most preferred careers are marketing assistant and digital marketing. The results show that the largest portion of the jobs respondents currently have currently have are sales representatives. It also shows that there is a significant difference between respondents preferred jobs and their actual jobs. The respondents recommended that the students and alumni attend skills training, seminars, and job fairs so they can pursue their passion no matter what and learn more about the jobs they want to get into.

The data collected shows that among all career options, marketing assistants and digital marketing are the most preferred jobs by the respondents. Some of the respondents are currently working as sales managers. There is a big difference between respondents preferred jobs and their actual activities. Respondents encourage all marketing students to improve their skills and gain a wide range of experience.

Intensive marketing strategy should be implemented to Senior High School under the ABM strand. This helps increase enrollment and graduate employment.


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