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Bocal Residents Information System

Researcher: Ryan E. Cortez, Arjay R. Loblano and Johnle Mayores

The Barangay Profiling Management System plays a very important role in the management system in Barangay Bocal. The barangay secretary uses manual profiling of the resident and manual releasing of different types of certification. That is why they encountered common problems in using the manual profiling of every residence. This performance resulted to file handling and redundancy, prone to risk in any circumstances, has a tendency to lose the record and time consuming when going to barangay hall to ask for certification, while in using Excel and MS Word, the user will be the one to input all the data directly, wherein they could make different template for the different type of certificates. The proponents of the study proposed to design and develop a web based system titled Bocal Resident Information System BRIS: A Web- Based Barangay Information Management Systems, which reduces the work load of the Barangay Officials, Barangay Officer, eliminating manual record/ profiling of every resident.

After conducting the system evaluation survey for the 30 respondents, the researchers of the project encountered some minor problems or conflict that gained suggestion from the respondents. They recommended working on the functionality to make the system more user friendly in terms of interface design and commands features. The system was good, but they want to see something more in the system. Despite such reactions and suggestion mentioned, they still agree that this system could help the Barangay itself, barangay officials and the residents.


M.T. Villanueva, Liboton, Naga City

472-7526 local 134